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The Body Of Christ United Global International Ministries


Holy Covenant Agreement


B.C.U. School of the Supernatural is mandated by God to be in a Covenant Agreement with God, God's Vision, and everyone that is attending the school.


The purpose of this Holy Covenant is to establish Godly character, integrity, faithfulness, obedience, and stewardship over that which God has given to each of us; that we may fulfill our personal and corporate prophetic destiny, which has been Divinely imparted by our Heavenly Father, the Lord Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, at the time of our creation.


Therefore, this Holy Covenant is not to be entered into lightly, but Reverently; to be a manifested consecration of the heart; to be a Doer of this Holy Covenant, with All Diligence.


B.C.U. School of the Supernatural does not charge a Tuition, so that whosoever will desire to attend the school will be able to do so. However, God does require that an offering of the congregation of students be received by the Pastor and or an Authorized Administrator of each ministry, two times each month; so that the cost of the administration of the school will be covered.


All offerings and Registration Fees will be transferred to The Body of Christ United Global International Ministries PayPal Account via the Website: or, or to the agreed depository Instrument.


Registration Fees are required in advance for each of the two courses  by  each  student  in order to receive a certificate of completion .





AGREED: _________________________________ Date__________________

                                for all  churches,  administrators  and  students


      Registration Forms

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