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At the Remnant Church, with Bishop Eagles, there was a great outpouring of the Spirit of the Lord. Apostle Dr. la Marco Nesbit and Apostle Dr. Mariah have been coming to the Remnant Church once a month for about five months. And every time that they are there, the Holy Spirit moves in the miraculous realm of glory. In November 2015, when the service started, there was an expectancy and excitement in the air, that the Lord was going to do something awesome. And the Spirit of the Lord did just that.

When Apostle Dr. La Marco Nesbit ministered, in music, there was a sweet and wonderful presence of the Holy Spirit and there was the presence of angels in the sancturary. As everyone entered into worship, God's presence became stronger and stronger with the anticipation and expectancy of the people and with each song selection that the Holy Spirit lead Apostle La Marco into worship.

When Apostle La Marco began to minister the word of God, still under the prophetic anointing that was manifested during the worship service, he ministered the word of God, from God's perception, prophetically to the congregation with signs following. As the word of the Lord went forth, the people were transformed, right before our eyes, as we saw the Rhema Revelation and the manifestation of the Spirit and Life of God's Word being imparted to the congregants. There were manifold blessing manifesting at the same time, because the Holy Spirit was fulfilling the hunger of the people.

When Apostle Dr. Mariah Nesbit came forth to minister, there was a continuation of the flow of the Holy Spirit, as she ministered under an awesome teaching mantle, as the Holy Spirit instructed her. As she brought forth the Word Of God, giving Greek and Hebrew meanings of the word study, she opened up the floor for a class room interactive session, with questions for the congregations. As they began to respond, there was an outpouring of more Rhema Revelation that was being imparted to the believers, as the Holy Spirit moved in an awesome liberating way. And the people were so blessed that after the service, they ministered to the Apostles, and testified of what God has done in their lives and how theie lives were changed every sense the Apostle have been coming to the Remnant Church. Even Bishop Eagles gave a prophetic word to the Apostles, which was a word of knowledge, that confirmed the future events that God has promissed the Apostles.

Glory to God in the Highest!!!

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