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In Cincinnati Ohio there was transformation manifested before our eyes. The Holy spirit moved so powerfully that the mind and the hearts of the people became renewed to a greater glory.

Praise God!!!

As Apostle Dr. La Marco Nesbit ministered in music and then brought forth the word of God, under the unction of the Holy Spirit, with revelatory wisdom and understanding, given by the Holy Spirit. The congregation received the impartation of God's Spirit and Life, from God's perception of His Holy Word. Many testimonies were given as a result of the manifested Glory of God. The Holy Spirit brought forth the more abundant life that Jesus spoke of, into the lives of the people, causing an eternal transformation. May God be glorified forevermore!!!

Then on the following evening when Apostle Dr. Mariah Nesbitbrought forth the word, under a Powerfully Anointed Teaching Mantle, with the manifested Glory of God's Wisdom, Knowledge, and Understanding from God's Perception, and the moving of the Holy Spirit in the realm of the prophetic word of knowledge and word of wisdom, the Glory of God and the outpouring of the Spirit and Life of God manifested in and upon the hearts and mind of the congregants as they received the impartation of the Lord. Halellujah!!!

While in Ohio, Apostle La Marco and Apostle Mariah went to visit their cousin, Timmy Perdue, who was in the hospitol being treated for cancer. When they arrived, Timmy was sitting up in bed talking with his brother, Nathaniel Perdue, who was visiting him. This was a great time of reunion for Apostle Mariah and the two brothers, because they had not seen each other for some time, and Apostle La Marco met them for the first timed. After all of the hugs, greetings, and catching up on good times, Apostle La Marco and Apostle Mariah began to pray for cousin Timmy, in the name of Jesus, and there was a great rush of God's Healing Virtue that filled the entire room. Timmy was released from the hospital two days later, COMPLETELY HEALED!!!!! All Praise Unto God!!!!!!

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