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In 1997 the Lord Jesus Christ began to heal people that were H I V Positive & Full Blown AIDS. God sent His Apostle to Prayer Palace in Kampala Uganda, under the leadership of Bishop Grivas Musisi. Apostle Dr. La Marco Nesbit ministered the Uncompromising Infallible Word Of God to the congregation and many f them were blessed. Then the Holy Spirit instructed Apostle La Marco to have everyone that was HIV Positive or had full blown AIDS to come forward for prayer because Jesus wants to heal them. In a congregation of 5,000 people, two thirds of them came forward for prayer. Because there was so many that came forward for prayer, Apostle La Marco transfered his mantle of healing to Bishop Musisi and his pastoral staff of twelve. We all began to pray for the people and the Lord Jesus confirmed His Word with signs following. Two weeks after Apostle Dr. La Marco returned home to California, Bishop Grivas Musisi called him and told him of the healings that had gone forth. The Lord had healed fifty people of AIDS, which had documented proof from their doctors that they were completely healed of AIDS, and that there were many more that stated that they had no more symptoms of the disease.

Reciently, in October of 2015, Bishop Musisi called Apostle Dr. La Marco Nesbit, and told him that "God was still healing people of AIDS, and thank you for the wonderful gift that you brought to Uganda; because God has healed over a thousand people of AIDS, sense you were here in 1997. And they all have documented proof of what God has done". PRAISE GOD,PRAISE GOD,


Apostle Dr. La Marco Nesbit is scheduled to go to Kampala Uganda this year 2016, and we are expecting God To move in even a greater dimension of Hos Glory. PRAISE GOD.


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