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In Sonora California, in the month of October 2015, Apostle Dr. La Marco Nesbit and Apostle Dr. Mariah Nesbit ministered at "FIVE FOLD MINISTRIES FELLOWSHIP" where Pastor Sharon Heuton is Senior Pastor.

There are many opportunities to minister and there are many different types of mantels that rest upon verious ministries, however when the apostles arrived at Five Fold Ministries Fellowship, they were greeted, not only with the manifested love and compassion from the Pastor and the congregation, but an overwhelming presence of the Holy Spirit. The music ministers were worshiping the Lord and the Glory of God was preaent in an awesome manifestation. It was very easy to minister, because there was a wonderful flow and moving of the Holy Spirit because of the prayers of the people and they were already worshiping the Lord, even before the service began.

When Apostle Dr. La Marco began to minister in music, from the commencement of the service there was even a greater out pouring of the Holy Spirit, so much so that the Glory Cloud of the Lord Filled the sanctuary because the people had already entered into worship and then they entered into a "Spirit Of ONE", as stated in John 17:21 through 23. By entering into the greater realm of glory, the Holy Spirit began to impart His Spirit and Life to the worshipers, because they hungered for His Holiness, Righteousness, and Truth. As the manifested glory of the Lord was persent, some of the people went into a trance,(ekstasis- Greek- which means ecstacy), that was induced by the Holy Spirit. One young lady stood up like a statue and could not move during the entire time that Apostle Dr. La Marco ministered the word of God. After each service, she gave a testimony that she could not move because of the presence of the Lord. Even when she tried to sit down, she could not move. Glory to God.

There was so many signs, wonders, and healings that were manifested during the time that the apostles were there, in Sonora California, but I would say that the Lord is very pleased with the mantel that rest upon the Five Fold Ministries Fellowship, because His presence is upon the leadership, Pastor Sharon Heuton, the music ministry, and the congregation. Clearly we can see that this ministry is not just a church as usual, but this ministry is on the cutting edge of a Move of God!!! Bless The Lord Forevermore.

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